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          CAC Pakistan Summit is an annual tradeshow promoting agrochemical exchange and trade through exhibition and conference hosted by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry and Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Lahore. Launched in 2014 and built on the eorts and success in the past years, it has gained the great support from Pakistani government, agricultural governing authority, the industry and the media, as well as the active participation of more than 300 exhibiting companies from China, Pakistan, India and Egypt, and 35,000 professional buyers from over 10 countries. In 2019, Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, and Mr. Long Dingbin, Consul General of China in Lahore attended the opening ceremony and the exhibition, attached great importance in strengthening Sino-Pakistan agricultural and agrochemical cooperation under CPEC through the platform of CAC Pakistan Summit.

          CAC Pakistan Online is launched to create convenient exhibiting platform, widely invite global clients, enhance communication with exhibiting companies, and promote international exchange and cooperation during Pandemic.

          What benefits you can expect
          ◆ Benefit from strong global resources of CAC Pakistan and CAC Show, to get maximum promotion to tens of thousands of global buyers.
          ◆ Enhance global exposure, and get connected to buyers without leaving home.
          ◆ Showcase company image and strength through company introduction, product display, news and video, and improve the ranking according to the number of views and likes.
          ◆ Buyers can quickly nd the target products and suppliers through the search toolbar, and easily connect with suppliers after registration with high matching accuracy.
          ◆ Release presentations on the latest registration policy, market trends and other hot topics, facilitate you exploring the Pakistani market.

          Become Exhibitor or Sponsor Exhibitor Registration & profiles deadline: Oct.30, 2020
          ● Company name, logo and number of views and likes will be displayed at homepage, and support sharing company page.
          ● Company name and products will be included in the search toolbar to be accurately searched by buyers. ● Company page includes company introduction, company photos, products and photos, company news and contact.
          ● Company rankings at homepage will be displayed according to the number of views and likes.
          Sponsor Registration & profiles deadline: Oct.30, 2020
          ● Enjoys exhibitor values as above.
          ● Company logo will be displayed at top position of all pages, and linked to the company page.
          ● Add video in company page to better display and promote company image and advantages, win more views or likes and improve the ranking.

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